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This post is inspired by my recent work “Inequality in socioemotional skills: a cross-cohort comparison” published as a working paper …



The Effects of a Pregnancy Intervention in Finland

Can a lifestyle intervention during pregnancy improve the lives of overweight mothers and their offspring?

Evaluation of the Child Development Grant Programme

The effects of a large-scale cash transfer on child development in Northern Nigeria

Recent Publications

. The Impacts of a Multifaceted Prenatal Intervention on Human Capital Accumulation in Early Life. AER, 2021.


. Developmental Origins of Health Inequality. Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Economics and Finance, 2019.


. Inequality in socioemotional skills: a cross-cohort comparison. HCEO Working Papers, 2018.

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Statistics, econometric modelling, machine learning


Cleaning and wrangling in R (tidyverse) and python (pandas)


R markdown, Sweave, knitr, Jupyter

Data Visualisation

R (ggplot, shiny, plotly), python (matplotlib, seaborn, altair)

Natural Language Processing

Python (NLTK, Spacy), R (tidytext)

Web Scraping

Static (requests) and dynamic content (selenium)


Collaborative development with git and GitHub


Postgraduate Teaching Assistant at University College London:

  • ECON2007: Quantitative Economics and Econometrics
  • ECON7005: Economics of the Public Sector
  • ECON7012: Economics of Education


  • Excellence in Teaching 2014/2015 (UCL Economics Department, winner)
  • Outstanding Feedback 2017/2018 (UCL Student’s Union, nominated)